Support Our Schools, Equip Our Teachers

Angie knows that education is key to our students’ success and our nation’s long-term economic future. Without a sound education, Angie would never have been able to live the American Dream. That’s why she’s working tirelessly for students and teachers as our state representative and as a member of the Higher Education Committee.

Angie passed legislation to save the teacher retirement system and put an additional $1.5 billion into Texas schools. No one can deny there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make our schools the best in the nation. Never one to back down, Angie is up for the challenge.

Standing with Law Enforcement

Our police officers risk their lives every day to protect us and Angie consistently supports them however she can. That’s why she voted to provide $25 million to Dallas law enforcement for additional body armor and bulletproof vests to keep our police officers safe.

Angie authored legislation to help the families of first responders killed or injured on duty by exempting spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty from paying property taxes.

We can be sure Angie will make sure our police officers have every resource they need to do their jobs safely and well.

Protect Our Families, Secure the Border

Angie is committed to protecting the safety and stability she and her family found in America. With drug cartels, human traffickers, and other violent criminals threatening our state from the south, Angie has stood with efforts to secure our border time and time again.

Angie has sent $1.6 billion to border security over the past four years to fund better security technology, the latest surveillance equipment, and add more than 200 additional border patrol agents. Not only that, but Angie banned so-called “sanctuary cities” that ignore our laws and turn our communities into havens for dangerous criminals. The safety and well-being of our families is Angie’s top priority.

Cut Property Taxes, Stand with Homeowners

Angie has cut more than $5 billion in taxes during her time in office and property taxes are next on her agenda. As a businesswoman and homeowner, Angie has seen first-hand the detrimental effects of skyrocketing property taxes. Angie supports Governor Abbott’s plan to give homeowners veto power over large tax increases and the plan to decrease tax rates.

Last session, the tax reform package was killed in the Texas Senate. But Angie still passed a property tax exemption for disabled veterans to guarantee our wounded warriors aren’t forced from their homes by skyrocketing taxes. Angie won’t quit until she gets the property tax relief we all deserve and desperately need.

Strengthen the Economy, Create Jobs

Angie has a reputation as a champion for free enterprise with good reason. When she served on the Ways & Means Committee, she secured more than $4 billion in tax cuts for families and small businesses. Angie distinguished herself so notably that she now serves as chair of the House Economic & Small Business Development Committee and as a member of the House Economic Competitiveness Select Committee.

Angie knows that enabling the growth of jobs and protecting small businesses in Texas is vital to building the future. Angie is a proven fighter for jobs and small businesses that we can count on.

Better Roads, Less Traffic

Angie knows that with a growing population and more vehicles on the road every day, we can’t cut corners on transportation. Last session, Angie protected more than $1 billion for highways from budget “diversions” to make sure our roads aren’t shortchanged.

Angie was instrumental in getting Texas State Proposition 7 on the ballot for voter approval last fall. Proposition 7 added $2.5 billion for roads to the underfunded Texas Department of Transportation and was approved by more than 80% of statewide voters. Angie Chen Button is getting real results for our roads.