My parents had escaped from China just before it fell to the Communists who persecuted our Christian faith. I grew up loving America for the symbol of freedom we are.

So, when you elected me to the Texas legislature, it was the honor of my life.

  • When COVID-19 hit, I started working to protect this nation we love. Because Texas was economically strong, we did not face bankruptcy as some states are now experiencing.
  • We did that with lower taxes. I cut taxes every year I have been in office. That is something only a few legislators in the history of Texas have done. Property taxes are still too high, so I plan to address out of control property valuations.
  • No matter the challenges COVID-19 creates for education, we must find new solutions to protect our community and prepare our students for the future.
  • And I support our police. Law enforcement must have adequate training, personnel, and the resources required to ensure the safety of everyone in our community as well as the ability to take swift action to address any officer that abuses their power.

My parents sacrificed for me, and now that I am a grandmother, I am determined to keep making Texas better for the next generation. As seniors, we have earned the right to vote by mail. Your official application for ballot-by-mail is linked below and we encourage you to sign it, affix a first-class stamp, and mail it in right away. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, you simply vote and mail it back. It’s that easy.

Download your application for a mail ballot